Mathematics in Bonn

Bonn is proud of its long mathematical tradition that goes back to the 19th century and is characterized by a particularly broad research spectrum.

Historical mathematical notes

All important areas of mathematics are represented in Bonn: from the classical core areas over mathematical modeling and numerical simulation to the transfer of mathematics into technological applications. Moreover, in national and international rankings, Bonn occupies a leading rank in mathematical research and teaching.

In addition to the mathematical institutes of the University, the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics was established in Bonn some 30 years ago. It is one of only two mathematical Max Planck Institutes in Germany and it offers an extended international guest program. Its scientific members also contribute actively to the study programs, in particular at the graduate level.

Thus, the HCM was built as a very strong coalition of mathematical institutions in Bonn, which is unique in Germany. With the establishment of the HCM, Bonn mathematics has further expanded its international activities. Today, the Hausdorff Center is a renowned global player in mathematical research and teaching.