The various components of HCM contribute to a common event schedule. It contains both events targeted towards the researchers in mathematics and towards the general public.

Students in a lecture room

Each scientific event falls into the one of following categories. Please use the menu on the right hand side to browse through all events.

HIM Programs

Research at the Hausdorff Research Institute for Mathematics (HIM) is devoted to all areas of mathematics, mathematical economics, and interactions of mathematics with other sciences. It is carried out by guest scientists who take part in one of the programs at HIM:

  • Hausdorff Trimester Programs (HTP)
  • Junior Hausdorff Trimester Programs (JHTP)
  • Research in Groups (RinG)

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Hausdorff School

Within the Hausdorff School for Advanced Studies in Mathematics (HSM) we offer a series of comprehensive courses each term on various topics of contemporary research in mathematics and theoretical economics. These events are open to PhD students and postdocs from all over the world. For each event the Hausdorff Center offers financial support for external participants to contribute to the accommodation cost. For more information on the participation and registration details, see the official announcements of the respective events on the HCM homepage.


Apart from the events at HIM, numerous international workshops, conferences, and topical schools are organized by the HCM research areas and by the graduate school BIGS throughout the year. The target audiences range from PhD students to senior researchers. This category also lists the Hausdorff Kolloquium which takes place several times per semester. Here, selected speakers are invited to present their work to Bonn's mathematical community. Show events

Lecture series

Several named lecture series targeting graduate students are organized on a regular annual basis. They all involve leading international experts and provide students with excellent views on cutting edge research.

Felix Klein Lectures

The Felix Klein Lectures take place once a year over a period of several weeks. They introduce a wider audience and especially graduate students to the hottest topics in pure mathematics. They are sometimes organized in close cooperation with activities at HIM. Show events

Lipschitz Lectures

The aim and format of the Lipschitz Lectures in applied mathematics are similar to those of the Felix-Klein Lectures, but there may be several lecture series per year. Show events

Plücker Lectures

The Plücker Lectures consist of two lectures in the fall term. The lectures specifically address graduate students in applied and pure mathematics and thus create an opportunity for interactions across the research areas. Show events

Toeplitz Kolloquium

In the spirit of Toeplitz' genetic principle these lectures are in the field of education and history of mathematics. They address a general mathematical audience consisting of teachers, researchers, mathematics educators and historians of mathematics. In particular, these lectures are accessible to students in all these directions and to all other people that are interested in mathematical culture. Show events

Poster Exhibitions

At the annual BIGS Poster exhibitions each PhD student is asked to present the state of his or her research project with a poster. For the students, this is an excellent opportunity to reflect on the state of their thesis project and to assess both the progress made and the difficulties lying ahead. It stimulates discussions with other students and the faculty and provides an overview of the wide variety of thesis research that is conducted in Bonn. Show events