Mentoring program

The mentoring program is a program for members of the HCM and run by members of the HCM. It is designed to help young researchers to develop profound teaching skills with the support of an experienced professor.

Within this program a postdoc and a professor plan a lecture or class together. Postdocs give at least half of the sessions each term and the professor provides them systematically with feedback and advice on their performance.


  • The mentoring program is open for all postdocs and professors of the HCM.
  • A professor (as mentor) and a postdoc (as mentee) apply together by sending their documents (see below) in a single pdf file to the head of the selection committee.
  • This committee selects up to three pairs each semester.
  • The formalities (e.g. a "Lehrauftrag") will then be organised by the institute of the successful applicants.
  • The applicants should inform their colleagues/institutes before they apply and find an agreement on the course which should be taught in case of a successful application.

The application (in English or German) should include:

1) Name and module code of the lecture course

2) Short joint concept of the course (who teaches how much, language, prerequisites, topics, literature, exam, etc.)

3) Role of the mentor (e.g. teaching observations, meetings, form of feedback, observation videos)

4) Split of the SWS (max. 50% for the mentor)

5) Short reference of the mentor (why is this postdoc particularly suitable? why should this proposal be selected?)

6) Both, mentor and mentee, declare that they agree to letting the committee see the teaching evaluations (after the mentor and mentee had the chance to see and discuss them) 

7) CV of the postdoc, including her/his list of publications, and - where appropriate - information about her/his language skills

All documents should be combined to a single pdf file.

Items 1)—6) should add up to 1-2 pages.

Additional material (e.g. previous evaluations) may be added in an appendix.


Oktober 15 (for the following summer semester) and April 15 (for the following winter semester).

The committee will decide within a few weeks after the deadline.

The applicants will then be informed by the head of the committee.

Criteria of the selection process:

  • teaching experience of the postdoc
  • scientific potential of the postdoc
  • concept of the course
  • planned mentoring measures
  • expected outcome/profit for the students

Four weeks after completing the lecture course, the mentor shall send a short report to the head of the committee. Based on this, the evaluation, and possibly own impressions, the head of the committee can write a certificate of the successful participation in this program to the postdoc.

Current head of the selection committee:

Prof. Dr. J. Vygen; vygen(at)