Awards for best bachelor degrees and Hausdorff Memorial Prize

Bonn, 24 January 2018

Every year the Bonn Mathematical Society awards a prize for the best graduating Bachelor students in mathematics. The Fachgruppe Mathematik rewards the best dissertation of the year with the Hausdorff Memorial Prize.


In the academic year 2016/2017, the three graduating Bachelor students Kaan Öcal, Lennart Ronge, and Wiktoria Zaton were awarded the Bachelor award.

  • Kaan Öcal: “Symplectic Singularities and Convolution Algebras” (advisors: Dr. C. Blohmann, Prof. Dr. Stroppel)
  • Lennart Ronge: “Unbeschränkte Operatoren in Hilbertmoduln” (advisors: Prof. Dr. Lesch, Dr. B. Mesland)
  • Wiktoria Zaton: “Parametrisierung der Radon-Maße auf quasi-metrischen Räumen mit Verdopplungseigenschaften” (advisors: Prof. Dr. Thiele, Dr. P. Zorin-Kranich)


Dr. Martina Vera Baar received the Hausdorff Memorial Prize for her thesis on “Stochastic individual-based models of adaptive dynamics and applications to cancer immunotherapy” (advisor: Prof. Dr. Anton Bovier).

Wiktoria Zaton, Prof. Dr. Ingo Lieb (president of the Bonn Mathematical Society), Lennart Ronge (from the left)