Bonn Junior Fellows

Bonn Junior Fellows are able to do independent research and thus define their own research program.

Young scientist pointing on sketch on a board

Early independence

Especially in mathematics, important contributions are often made at a young age. Promising young scientists should thus have the opportunity to define and pursue their own research program a few years after their PhD. The Excellence Initiative has given us the opportunity to institutionalize early independence by creating several temporary and tenure track junior faculty positions, the Bonn Junior Fellows, at the salary level W2. It is intended to award about 50 percent of these positions to women. The broad activities of the Hausdorff Research Institute and the focused work in the local Research Areas make the Hausdorff Center a unique environment for a young scientist.

The position

The Bonn Junior Fellow is designed as a very attractive five year position, modeled after the Emmy Noether Program of the DFG rather than the junior professor. The salary level is comparable to that of an associate professor. To some of the positions offered, a tenure-track option is associated, and, in exceptional cases, a position may be tenured immediately. As a faculty member, the Bonn Junior Fellow is allowed and encouraged to supervise master and PhD theses. The Bonn Junior Fellow is endowed with funds for traveling and hosting guest researchers during the initial period. The Bonn Junior Fellow is independent of existing chairs. However, his or her group are expected to join the team of one or two of the Research Areas.

The candidate

The Bonn Junior Fellow program targets candidates worldwide who are in the process of developing their own research agenda and have proved their scientific independence through publications. Candidates are not expected to speak German. It is intended to fill about half of the positions offered with women, and preference will be given to suitably qualified female candidates, all other considerations being equal. Women are strongly encouraged to apply.

Search and selection

The Bonn Junior Fellow positions are advertised jointly and internationally. A single hiring committee, the Junior Search Committee (JSC), which consists of members of all participating institutes, is in charge of screening and contacting promising candidates. The recruiting and hiring process is designed to be scientifically full-fledged but administratively compact.

Previous appointments

In the two funding periods of HCM (2006 - 2017), 21 Bonn Junior Fellow positions were awarded to internationally promising young scientists worldwide. The Bonn Junior Fellow positions have already become a springboard for future academic careers: most Bonn Junior Fellows have meanwhile moved on to other positions, mostly to permanent faculty positions. Former Bonn Junior Fellows