About HCM

The Hausdorff Center for Mathematics is dedicated to promoting cutting-edge mathematical research in Bonn and Germany.

The Hausdorff Center for Mathematics promotes international cutting-edge research in mathematics


The theme of the Hausdorff Center is mathematics, of which we share a broad and dynamic vision. At its center stands the classical core: the mathematics of famous and fruitful conjectures, the mathematics that is in symbiosis with theoretical physics, and which continually reveals to us deep and unexpected connections. Beyond this core, mathematics drives, and is driven by, the successful trend towards quantitative modeling in the natural and social sciences. The steadily improving performance of computers opens new perspectives for model simulations and the direct transfer of mathematics into technological applications.

The Cluster of Excellence is probing and thoroughly studying this entire dynamic range through ten Research Areas. Each Research Area is driven by recent developments and a broad vision. It starts from a strong local expertise and experienced teams, and comes with specific and ambitious goals for the years ahead.

Organization: HCM / HIM / BIGS / HSM

Three main activities have been established as components of HCM:

HCM supports its components and its ten Research Areas with several new academic positions (Hausdorff Chairs, Bonn Junior Fellows, Hausdorff Postdocs) and PhD grants (Hausdorff scholarships). See Opportunities for more information.

The center involves the four mathematics institutes and the theoretical economists at the University of Bonn as well as the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics. The involved faculty consists of more than 60 Bonn professors in pure mathematics, applied mathematics, and theoretical economics.