Former Research Area F: ‘Groups of automorphisms’

Research Area F finished its research in 10/2012.

Mathematical structures and geometries can be studied via their groups of automorphisms or symmetries. They often encode detailed information, define geometric invariants and also occur in algebraic and arithmetic problems. This interplay between algebra and geometry was one of the main aspects of the original proposal. The result  obtained are a mixture of algebraic-geometric, differential-geometric, and algebraic-combinatorial results. They deal with:

  • Geometric automorphism groups, group homology and CAT(0)-spaces,
  • Group actions and topological invariants,
  • Homogeneous spaces and Kac-Moody groups,
  • Affine Deligne-Lusztig varieties and Kisin theory,
  • Loop groups.

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Leaders of the Research Area

Further Investigators