Interdisciplinary research units

More than ever before, mathematical concepts, insights, and models play a crucial role in cuttingedge

research in natural, life, medical, and social sciences as well as in engineering. We have

identified five particularly dynamic and promising areas for the two-way interaction of mathematics

and other scientific fields in Bonn. To foster and promote these interactions, we create the new

format of interdisciplinary research units (IRUs). An IRU assembles scientists of the highest level

from HCM and other clusters, institutions or faculties in Bonn and will typically be co-funded by

HCM and the cooperation partner.

The research program of an IRU receives a crucial boost from the creation of a junior research

group consisting of a group leader (W2 professor for 5 years), a postdoc (TVL13) and a

PhD student (3/4 TVL13). In the exceptional case that co-funding is currently not available, HCM

will initially support the IRU with positions for one postdoc and one PhD student so as to initiate

interdisciplinary cooperation and lay the groundwork for a future expansion through co-funding.

In order to attract the best young scientists to a new interdisciplinary field, the research

topic of the junior research group will be deliberately broad within the general framework of the

IRU. In this way, the IRUs are also a crucial structure for the promotion of young scientists,

whom they allow to build independent research groups in some of the most promising emerging

interdisciplinary fields related to mathematics. To a limited number of IRU group leaders, tenure

track will be offered; see Section 5.2.

We will initially create five IRUs (described in detail below). For each of them, co-funding

agreements have already been concluded, partly as joint initiatives with other proposed clusters

of excellence at UBonn. As the interactions between mathematics and applications are highly

dynamic, we are open to the creation of up to two new IRUs during the funding period in question

through a reallocation of resources.