Awards for Bonn Graduate and PhD students

Bonn, 29.01.2020. As every year, the Department of Mathematics ("Fachgruppe Mathematik“) rewards the best PhD thesis with the Hausdorff Memorial Prize. This year Richard Höfer was awarded this prize for his thesis “Sedimentation of particle suspensions in Stokes flows“, which he wrote under the supervision of Juan J. L. Velázquez. The prize was handed over by Johannes Beck, dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

Small particles moving in a fluid are encountered in various situations in nature and technology. In many cases, gravitation is the driving force for the movement of the particles. The particles interact through the fluid which can lead to complex behavior in the case of many small particles. Richard's thesis addresses the rigorous derivation and analysis of macroscopic equations (PDEs) in different physical regimes for the coupled fluid-particle system arising from the microscopic description of the system (by ODEs).

Juan J. L. Velázquez, Richard Höfer, Johannes Beck, photo: Barbara Frommann

In addition, the Bonn Mathematical Society („Bonner Mathematische Gesellschaft“) awards a prize for the best graduating Bachelor students in mathematics every year endowed with 250 Euro. In the academic year 2018/2019, the following graduating Bachelor students were awarded:

  • Susanne Armbruster, "Das verallgemeinerte VPN-Problem", advisor: Jens Vygen, Institute for Discrete Mathematics
  • Janina Bernardy, "Noether's theorems in terms of variational cohomology", advisor: Christian Blohmann, Max Planck Institute for Mathematics
  • Lukas Bonfert, "Spiegelungsfunktoren", advisor: Hans Franzen, Mathematical Institute
  • Peter Holderrieth, "Randomized Hamiltonian Monte Carlo and the Bouncy Particle Sampler: Convergence Rates and Scaling Limits", advisor: Andreas Eberle, Institute for Applied Mathematics
  • Simon Kollecker, "Radiale Basisfunktionen in der Strömungsmechanik", advisor: Christian Rieger, Institute for Numerical Simulation
  • Christian Nöbel, "Higher Degree Symmetric Products of Curves", advisor: Daniel Huybrechts, Mathematical Institute
  • Ferdinand Wagner, "Serre Duality for Open Varieties", advisor: Peter Scholze, Mathematical Institute 
Photo: Barbara Frommann