Double honor for Michael Ortiz

A double honor for our Bonn Research Chair Michael Ortiz: He was named as 2020 Argyris Visiting Professor of the University of Stuttgart, Germany, and inaugural Distinguished Timoshenko Fellow in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University, USA.

In order to intensify the international and interdisciplinary cooperation, SimTech, a Cluster of Excellence at the University of Stuttgart, annually awards an Argyris Visiting Professorship to a personality from the field of simulation science. The award is presented to researchers who - similar to the name giver - have drawn attention to themselves with pioneering work in the field of simulation technology.

As part of his role as Adjunct Professor at Stanford University in the Departments of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics and Astronautics, Michael Ortiz will be its inaugural Timoshenko Distinguished Fellow.

Michael Ortiz joined the Hausdorff Center for Mathematics as a Research Chair in July 2016. He spends half of his time in Bonn. In his research, he focuses on solid mechanics, a field that connects physics, computational mechanics, engineering, and applied mathematics.