HCM member Christian Bayer is the spokesperson of a new Research Training Group

The German Research Foundation (DFG) is setting up two new Research Training Groups addressed at young academics at the University of Bonn. The spokesperson of the Research Training Group "Die Makroökonomik der Ungleichheit" (The Macroeconomics of Inequality) is HCM member Prof. Dr. Christian Bayer. The new program will start in September 2017 and will run for four and a half years.

In the last decades, in many developed economies the differences in assets and income have heavily increased. Although the increased economic inequality plays an important role in the public debate, the economic implications of this phenomenon are hardly investigated. This is the main motivation behind the Research Training Group “Die Makroökonomik der Ungleichheit”. At a first stage, it aims to document the diverse dimensions of this inequality and to understand the causes of its rise. At a later stage, the group's goal is to investigate if macroeconomic crisis in unequal societies spread differently and if inequality creates new channels through which microeconomic crisis become macroeconomically relevant.