HCM supports Germany's girls' team together with IBM

First participation of Germany in the European Girls' Mathematical Olympiad

Since 2012, the European Girls 'Mathematical Olympiad (EGMO) has been taking place annually. At this year's seventh edition, which will take place in Florence from 9 to 15 April 2018, a German team will attend for the first time. Under the leadership of team head Susanne Armbruster and the deputy leader Luise Puhlmann, Kerrin Bielser (18), Katharina Albert (17), Annegret Seibt (18) and Carmen Brannath (18) will be starting for Germany. In the years before, Germany's participation had failed - for missing financial support. For HCM, the promotion of young scientists as well as an increase in the proportion of women in mathematics are very important concerns. In addition, Bonn has a long tradition in maths competitions and significantly attracts former participants of the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO): over 58% (!) of all German IMO participants of the last 10 years who have finished school are studying in Bonn or have studied in Bonn, including the current German team head. Therefore, it was no question for the Hausdorff Center to support the German team in this team competition. During this weekend (23.-25.03.), a final preparatory training took place in Bonn, which was financially supported by HCM and organized by Bonn master students and PhD students, including the current BIGS PhD student and former IMO participant Malte Lackmann. HCM also helped the German team to find external donors and sponsors. IBM Germany - as part of its program "Women in Blue" - agreed to pay the incurred travel and accommodation costs in Florence. We from HCM keep our fingers crossed for the German team and will report on our social media channels on its performance.

Three of the four members of the German team together with "Mathematigerin", the German mascot, at the preparatory seminar in Bonn.
Luise Puhlmann and Susanne Armbruster lead the German team (Photos: HCM).