Mathematics: More Than Arithmetic - "Schüler*innenwoche 2021"

We give young people a four days long insight into higher mathematics

Bonn, 14.06.2021. As every year, we invite schoolchildren from the tenth grade onwards to gain exciting insights into mathematics and to discover its diversity. The “Schüler*innenwoche 2021” starts two weeks after the summer vacation with a lecture on Wednesday, September 1st, and ends with a rally across the campus on Saturday, September 4th. Registration is possible until July 18 at this page.

Mathematics has a lot more to offer than you would expect in a classroom. Curve discussion and arithmetic only cover a small part of its wide possibilities. Whether you want to study mathematics or just like to devote your free time to mathematics - the "Schüler*innenwoche" will provide you a broad insight into the subject. In addition to imparting technical knowledge, questions about the course will also be answered: How does a lecture or exercise work? What is a seminar and what do you actually do in mathematics? The participants can look forward to exciting lectures on topics such as “Mandorls and other crooked stories”, “Finite Geometry - Have you ever played Dobble?”, or “Numerics”. Afterwards, they will be encouraged to apply the content of the lecture themselves by solving the exercises in small groups, with the support of our students. A mathematical rally across the Poppelsdorf campus gives the opportunity to familiarize with the university in a completely different way. The pupils experience how magical mathematics can be in a mathematical "magic show". In conversations with students from different fields of mathematics and during the course introduction, the participants can get their own idea of ​​whether they would like to study mathematics one day.

Due to the corona pandemic, it is currently not possible to foresee whether the "Schüler*innenwoche" can take place in person. In the case that will not be possible, the event will take place digitally. Participants will be informed as soon as there is available information.