Change of spokesperson at the HCM - many thanks to Karl-Theodor Sturm!

Bonn, 04.10.2019. On 30th September has Karl-Theodor Sturm's time in office as spokesperson for the Hausdorff Center come to an end. These were seven exciting years of outstanding success. In addition to the absolute highlight, the awarding of the Fields Medal to Peter Scholze in Rio de Janeiro in 2018, it was especially the cluster's new, successful application in regard of the newly launched Excellence Strategy - and to top it all off the appointment of the University of Bonn as a University of Excellence. It is in particular noteworthy, that during the highly time consuming period as a spokesperson Karl-Theodor Sturm himself received one of the renowned ERC Advanced Investigator Grants (2015, Wolfgang Lück received the other one in 2014)!

His objective as a spokesperson has always been to shift the HCM' position from Germany's top to world class. A project that he has undoubtedly achieved - not only through the successful recruitment of world-renowned mathematicians, but also through an increased investment in the training of excellent young talents. An important step was the establishment of a in Germany unique postdoc program, the Hausdorff School, and the increasing involvement of HCM in a worldwide training network resulting in the founding of the GlobalMathNetworks. He additionally developed innovative interdisciplinary concepts locally by creating the Interdisciplinary Research Units.

We are very grateful to Karl-Theodor Sturm - and extremely glad that he remains with us as advisor and outstanding mathematician. He is now followed by an "old hand“: Wolfgang Lück, formerly director at HIM from 2011 to 2017. Under the leadership of the 62-year-old Leibniz Prize winner and former President of the German Mathematical Society, the HCM can confidently look forward to many other successful years. We wish Wolfgang Lück good luck and much success for this new challenge!