Mathematical Biology

Organizers: Anton Bovier, Wolfgang Alt, Stefan Müller (Bonn), Angela Stevens (Heidelberg)

Dates: October 6 - 8, 2009

Venue: Lipschitz Lecture Hall, Endenicher Allee 60


Biology is currently undergoing a dramatic change towards much more quantitative approaches. As a consequence mathematical ideas, tools and models play an increasing role which is expected to grow further in the future. At the same time question from biology lead to new and interesting mathematical problems and to new interactions between mathematics, physics and biology.


  • Martine Ben Amar (ENS Paris)
  • Ellen Baake (Bielefeld)
  • Vincent Calvez (ENS Paris)
  • Nicolas Champagnat (INRIA Nice)
  • Micah Dembo (Boston)
  • Marie Doumic-Jauffret INRIA)
  • Dirk Horstmann (Koeln)
  • Wilhelm Huisinga (Maynooth)
  • Anna Marciniak-Czochra (Heidelberg)
  • Stephan Luckhaus (Leipzig)
  • Fernando Peruani (Paris)
  • James Oliver (Oxford)
  • Ivano Primi (Heidelberg)
  • Matthias Roeger (Bonn)
  • Angela Stevens (Heidelberg)
  • Juan Velazquez (Madrid)
  • Gabriele Witterstein (Muenchen)