Slides of presentations and posters

Monday, May 13

Claude Le Bris   "Various approaches for handling randomness in multiscale problems"

Wolfgang Hackbusch  "Numerical tensor calculus and elliptic PDE with stochastic coefficients"

Howard Elman  "Reduced basis collocation methods for partial differential equations with random coefficients"

Peter Benner  "Perspectives of model order reduction for UQ"

Robert Scheichl  "Multilevel Markov chain Monte Carlo with applications in subsurface flow"

Roland Pulch  "Model order reduction for linear dynamical systems with random parameters"

Catherine Powell  "Solving saddle point formulations of elliptic PDEs on uncertain parameterised domains"

Tuesday, May 14

Andrew Stuart  "Approximate Guassian Filters"

Yvon Maday  "Interpolation through data assimilation: the generalized empirical interpolation method"

Habib Najm  "Parameter estimation with partial information"

Alfio Borzi  "A Fokker-Planck-Kolmogorov control framework for stochastic processes"

Phaedon-Stelios Koutsourelakis  "High-dimensional optimization in the presence of uncertainty: applications in random heterogeneous media"

Peter Zaspel  "Kernel-based multi-GPU parallel uncertainty quanti fication with applications in computational fluid dynamics"

Michael Schick  "A parallel multigrid spectral Galerkin solver for stochastic elliptic problems"

Wednesday, May 15

Albert Cohen  "Breaking the curse of dimensionality in sparse polynomial approximation of parametric PDEs"

Claude Je rey Gittelson  "Adaptive stochastic Galerkin Finite element methods"

David Silvester  "A posteriori error estimation for elliptic PDEs with random coefficients"

Olivier Le Maitre  "Polynomial chaos expansions for the approximation of uncertain stochastic model solutions"

Thursday, May 16

Hermann Matthies  "Inverse uncertainty quantification"

Omar Ghattas  "Quantification of uncertainty for large-scale inverse wave propagation problems"

Nicholas Zabaras "A probabilistic graphical model approach to uncertainty quantifi cation"

Oliver Ernst  "UQ for groundwater flow"

Bruno Sudret  "Sparse polynomial chaos expansions in engineering applications"

Stephan Bansmer  "Measurement uncertainty of ensemble-averaged flow data"

Elisabeth Ullmann  "Multilevel estimation of rare events"

Giulio Cottone  "Representation and treatment of random functions with divergent integer moments"

Petros Koumoutsakos  "Bayesian uncertainty quanti fication and propagation in molecular dynamics simulations of nanoscale flows"

Friday, May 17

Ian H. Sloan  "QMC lattice methods for PDE with random coefficients"

Youssef Marzouk  "Bayesian data assimilation and dimension reduction with optimal maps"

Joachim Gwinner  "Variational inequalities and equilibrium problems with uncertain data"

Helmut Harbrecht  "On multilevel quadrature for elliptic stochastic partial differential equations"

Raul Tempone  "Analysis and computations for linear hyperbolic PDEs with stochastic coefficients" Part 1, Part 2


Claudio Bierig  "Convergence analysis of multilevel variance estimators in Multilevel Monte Carlo Methods and application for random obstacle problems"

Peng Chen  "Accurate and efficient evaluation of failure probability for system modeled by partial differential equations with random inputs"

Duong Pham  "Sparse spherical harmonic approximation for Dirichlet-to-Neumann equations on prolate spheroids with random loading"