HCM Seminar: Current research developments

Venue: Mathematik-Zentrum, Lipschitz Lecture Hall, Endenicher Allee 60, Bonn

Date: November 25 - December 12, 2014


Tuesday, November 25

11:00 Anita Behme (TU München): Stationary distributions of Feller processes and applications in finance

12:00 Birgit Rudloff (Princeton): Multivariate risks


Tuesday, December 9

10:00 Robert Haslhofer (New York): Mean curvature flow

11:00 Andrea Mondino (Zürich): Non smooth spaces with Ricci curvature lower bounds: old problems and new techniques

14:00 Mathias Staudigl (Wien/Bielefeld): On Repeated Games in Continuous-time


Wednesday, December 10

09:00 Joseph Neeman (Austin): Gaussian noise stability 

10:00 Ngoc Tran (Austin): Random permutations and random partitions


Friday, December 12

09:00 Karim Adiprasito (Jerusalem): Whitney numbers of matroids via measure concentration in moduli spaces

11:00 Paul Duetting (LSE London): Frontiers in Algorithmic Mechanism Design

14:00 Yichaeo Tian (Peking): Goren-Oort stratification on  Quaternionic Shimura varieties and arithmetic applications