INFTY Final Conference

Set theory: foundations and applications

Date: March 4 - 7, 2014

Venue: Mathematik-Zentrum, Lipschitz-Lecture Hall, Endenicher Allee 60, 53115 Bonn

Description: New Frontiers of Infinity: Mathematical, Philosophical and Computational Prospects (INFTY) is a Research Networking Programme (RNP) of the European Science Foundation (ESF) running from March 2009 to March 2014. It is supported by 10 European countries, each of which have a main node within the network and which are contributing with their national grant agencies through the ESF to the INFTY budget. The German node of the network is the Bonn Logic Group, represented on the INFTY Steering Committee by Peter Koepke.

The INFTY network is devoted to the study of a wide range of aspects of Infinity. It principally addresses set theory as the mathematical study of infinity, and applications of set theory within pure mathematics. It also supports interdisciplinary links with philosophy and theoretical computer science. During its 5-year period INFTY has improved the networking of set theory in Europe in a sustainable way. Besides a number of single workshops INFTY has especially given funds to the continuation of the annual series of Young Set Theory Workshops, which was started in Bonn in 2008, funded by the HCM, and it has created the biannual series of European Set Theory Conferences. A European Set Theory Society has been constituted alongside INFTY. The network has also funded a number of exchange visits, mainly at the postdoctoral level.

The INFTY Final Conference is the closing meeting of the European Science Foundation Research Networking Programme New Frontiers of Infinity.

It is an international conference, mainly on set theory and its applications.

The program will combine 60-minute plenary talks by internationally leading experts and 45-minute plenary talks especially by successful (former) postdocs whose projects have obtained networking support by INFTY. There will also be contributed talks. The schedule leaves time for informal interactions and for discussions on the future networking of European set theory.

The program will include a Hausdorff Afternoon, devoted to Grundzüge der Mengenlehre and to the impact of Hausdorff's set theory. Walter Purkert, Bonn, will give a 60-minute plenary talk on Grundzüge.

The program committee consists of: Joan Bagaria, ICREA, Barcelona; Mirna Dzamonja, Norwich (Chair); Sy Friedman, U Vienna; Peter Koepke, Bonn; Benedikt Löwe, Amsterdam/Hamburg; Erik Palmgren, Uppsala; Grzegorz Plebanek, Wroclaw; Peter Simon, Prague; Jouko Väänänen, Amsterdam/Helsinki; Andreas Weiermann, Gent.

The organizing committee consists of: Peter Koepke, Philipp Lücke, and Philipp Schlicht.