Workshop: Low-rank Optimization and Applications

Date: June 8 - 12, 2015

Venue: Mathematik-Zentrum, Lipschitz Lecture Hall, Endenicher Allee 60, Bonn

Organizers: Pierre-Antoine Absil, Daniel Kressner, André Uschmajew

Description: The problem of how to tackle problems of “high dimensionality” has become a research field of major importance in applied mathematics, statistics, signal processing, machine learning, complexity theory, and other fields. To a large extent this development is stimulated by the rapidly growing capacities of modern computers to collect and process data. One similarity between different communities are model reducing assumptions that involve notions of low-rank, sparsity, or other kinds of separability. They lead to deep theoretical questions at the intersection of geometry and approximation theory, require novel optimization methods, and pose challenging tasks on the level of implementation.

The topic of this workshop is low-rank approximation techniques with an emphasis on tensors, optimization theory, and applications in data processing and scientific computing.
The goal is to foster collaboration and exchange knowledge from the different areas.

Confirmed speakers:

  • Markus Bachmayr
  • Jonas Ballani
  • Nicolas Boumal
  • Inderjit Dhillon
  • Maryam Fazel
  • Nicolas Gillis
  • Lars Grasedyck
  • Wolfgang Hackbusch
  • Joseph Landsberg
  • Lieven De Lathauwer
  • Namgil Lee
  • Lek-Heng Lim
  • Ivan Markovsky
  • Bamdev Mishra
  • Yuji Nakatsukasa
  • Anthony Nouy
  • Ivan Oseledets
  • Holger Rauhut
  • Yousef Saad
  • Reinhold Schneider
  • Christoph Schwab
  • Eugene Tyrtyshnikov
  • Konstantin Usevich
  • Bart Vandereycken
  • Sabine Van Huffel
  • Frank Verstraete
  • Shuzhong Zhang

For further questions please contact lowrank2015(at)