Nonlinear evolutions: Kinetic equations and defect dynamics

Date: July 13 -17, 2015

Venue: Mathematik-Zentrum, Lipschitz Lecture Hall, Endenicher Allee 60, Bonn

Organizers: Barbara Niethammer, Christian Seis, Juan J. L. Velázquez

Main Speakers: Robert L. Jerrard (University of Toronto), Stéphane Mischler (Université Paris-Dauphine)


Description: The aim of this school is to introduce Ph.D. students and young researchers to some contemporary and ongoing research directions in the analysis of nonlinear partial differential equations.  The main focus will be on kinetic equations and defect dynamics. Kinetic equations, such as Boltzmann or Smoluchowski equations, describe the relaxation of large particle systems towards its equilibrium states or serve as models for coagulation or population dynamics. Defects are ubiquitous in physical problems, e.g., as vortices in the fluids or superfluids.

The Event will consist of a series of two mini-courses and several complementary invited lectures. Participants will also get the opportunity to present their own research.

Financial support is available. Applications including CV and a short recommendation from the advisor or mentor should be submitted via the online registration form. Applications submitted by March 31, 2015 will receive preference.