Hausdorff Forum - February 5, 2016 - 14h

Location: Lipschitz-Saal

Stefan Wrobel (Bonn, Informatik/Fraunhofer): Data Analytics in a Networked World

The age of big data has given an enormous push to statistics, machine learning, and the neighboring analytics disciplines. Yet, big data is still widely perceived as referring primarily to the sheer volume of data. In reality, the true challenges of big data result from the characteristics of the data that we are dealing with. In this talk, we will focus in particular on the fact that today, data points are almost never measurements in isolation, but are part of a networked world, where objects and their relationships are to be taken into account. Consequently, analyzing data that have network or graph structure is becoming of enormous importance, as is the challenge of visualizing such data. In this talk, we will introduce the challenges brought about by network data, and illustrate why in a data-driven economy, linked data will become even more important in the future. We will then present a few examples of methods for analyzing graph-structured data, ranging from pattern enumeration via classification to the visual analysis of graph-structured trajectory data.