Lipschitz Lectures

Advection, Convection and Turbulent Transport of Heat, Mass and Momentum

Charlie Doering, University of Michigan

Date: April 30 - May 18, 2007


1st week: Thursday (May 3) 12:00-14:00, Friday (May 4) 12:00-14:00,

2nd week: Monday (May 7) 16:00-18:00, Tuesday (May 8) 12:00-14:00,

3rd week: Monday (May 14) 16:00-18:00, Tuesday (May 15) 12:00-14:00

Location: kleiner Hörsaal, Wegelerstr. 10


Enhanced transport and mixing of momentum and both active and passive scalars are key features of turbulent fluid flows. Rigorous (and occasionally sharp) estimates for bulk transport or mixing in solutions of the Navier-Stokes, Boussinesq, and advection-diffusion equations have been derived in recent years. In this lecture series the mathematical methods and results will be reviewed along with their relationship to direct numerical simulations and experimental data for a variety of flows. There will be a focus on unresolved problems and open questions for future research.