Bonn Math Tournament - a digital competition of superlatives

Bonn, 19.09.2020. On Friday, the 18th September, the Bonn Mathematics Tournament took place. The event was dedicated to the initiative "#dfg2020 - because research matters" of the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft; DFG). Caused by the corona pandemic it could not as usual take place in the Mensa Poppelsdorf, but was held as a video conference over Zoom. Thoralf Räsch and Julia Schuster moderated the main conference. Already the welcome address was excellent: it was held by none other than Peter Scholze, our Fields medalist, and the Head of Zoom Germany, Peer Stemmler.

Thereafter, over 300 high-school students of 63 participating schools, were divided into just as many Zoom conferences. Each of which was supervised by a volunteer or a HCM student assistant. As teams the students coped with both the "Staffel" (20 highly demanding mathematical puzzles) and, after a lunch break, the "Sum of Us" (more complex exercises about "Mathematics and Sports" for which the students prepared themselves with preparation material provided by us). The main organizer Stefan Hartmann was relieved: There were no major technical issues. The HCM Dreamteam consisting of Christoph Thiele, Pavel Zorin-Kranich, Bertram Arnold, Alexander Ivanov und Carolin Kaffiné participated in the "Staffel" and reached 420 of 500 points - more than twice the points most school teams scored.

After a fascinating lecture for teachers by Matthias Ludwig (Frankfurt University) and a just as interesting online lecture by Axel Schüler (Leipzig University), both concerning "Mathematics and Sport", the award ceremony took place. The winning teams are:

1. Place: Friedrich-Ebert-Gymnasium Bonn (585 Points)

2. Place: Albert-Schweitzer-Gymnasium Erlangen (540 Points)

3. Place: Silverberg-Gymnasium Bedburg (525 Points)

The teams winning the first three prices will venture on their price journey to Valkenburg, Netherlands, as soon as the pandemic will allow it. There were also great prices for the teams on the 4th to 10th place: calculators from Casio and math books from Springer Spektrum. Thank you to both these companies for their support! Furthermore, we would like to thank the many volunteers, mostly Bonn math students, without which such an elaborate and complex arrangement of this tournament would not have been possible.