Doctorate Honoris Causa for Michael Ortiz

The Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) has awarded Professor Michael Ortiz a Doctorate Honoris Causa (honorary doctorate). The award ceremony will take place next year.

Michael Ortiz joined the Hausdorff Center for Mathematics as a Research Chair in July 2016. Professor Ortiz spends half of his time in Bonn and the other half with his previous employer, the Caltech Institute in Pasadena/USA. In his research, he focuses on solid mechanics, a field that connects physics, computational mechanics, engineering, and applied mathematics. More on his research is available here.

Michael Ortiz has close ties to the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. There he received his Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering in June 1977 before he moved to the University of California in Berkeley.

Release date: 08.12.2018