European Girls‘ Mathematical Olympiad: Three Medals for Young Female Mathematicians

Bonn, 19.04.2021. At the European Girls‘ Mathematical Olympiad 2021 (EGMO), an international tournament for mathematically gifted girls, the German team won two silver and one bronze medal. The association „Bildung & Begabung" and we, the Hausdorff Center for Mathematics, organized the election and preparation of the German team.

Among the four German participants, Réka Amélie Wagener (10th grade) from Siegen achieved the best result and won a silver medal. Cara de Bruyn (12th grade) from Dortmund also obtained a silver medal. Olesia Gaiduk (11th grade) from Berlin obtained a bronze medal. Overall 200 students from 55 different countries participate in the EGMO 2021. This was the tenth year in which the competition was held. Similar to last year, the olympiad had to be organized digitally and could not be hosted in Georgia as originally planned because of the Corona pandemic. The four German team members had qualified themselves as the best female participants during the preselection exam for the International Mathematical Olympiad 2021. Three of the four girls (Réka Amélie Wagener, Cara de Bruyn, Marie Mattutat) have recently joined the HCM's virtual Bonn math circle ("Bonner Matheclub").