Martin Hairer is awarded the 2021 Breakthrough Prize

Bonn, 24.09.2020. A few days ago it was announced that Martin Hairer will be awarded the Breakthrough Prize 2021. Due to the corona pandemic, the awarding ceremony in Silicon Valley, USA, will be postponed to March 2021. The Breakthrough Prize award is $3 million - the largest individual monetary prize in science worldwide. Martin Hairer, professor at Imperial College London and Austria's first and only Fields Medalist, is closely associated with the Hausdorff Center and a member of its Scientific Advisory Board. His research is linked to the research of our Hausdorff Chair Massimiliano Gubinelli.

Martin Hairer deals with stochastic partial differential equations (SPDEs). SPDEs describe non-smooth processes in nature with random fluctuations. They allow to understand how a one-dimensional boundary between two substances or two phases behaves dynamically, for example the unpredictable route taken by the flame as it consumes a sheet of paper. These equations contain terms that cannot be studied in a mathematically rigorous way using classical methods. With the help of so-called regularity structures, Martin Hairer created a new world of mathematical tools with which such non-linear SPDEs can be tackled and solved.