New HCM spokesperson: Martin Rumpf succeeds Wolfgang Lück

Wolfgang Lück
Martin Rumpf

Bonn, 30.09.2022. Today marks the end of Wolfgang Lück's three-year term as HCM spokesperson. The new spokesperson of the HCM is Martin Rumpf.

These were three exciting years, which were dominated by the University of Bonn's new role as a Excellence University and, of course, by Corona. With great foresight and a steady hand, Wolfgang Lück ensured that HCM overcame the pandemic very well and was even able to use it as an opportunity for further development by investing in a better digital infrastructure. Strong networking with the university's newly created Transdisciplinary Research Area TRA1 was on his agenda, as was the successful development of HCM's Interdisciplinary Research Units (IRUs), especially at the interface with the life sciences. The mathematical faculty was enriched by the appointment of excellent female mathematicians - Ana Caraiani, Jessica Fintzen, Angkana Rüland, Vera Traub and Barbara Verfürth - with great new expertise. This has also been reaffirmed by high-ranking prizes and awards, especially in recent times. HCM is constantly developing, also with new ideas and measures with regard to equality and diversity, such as the Young African Mathematicians (YAM) Bonn Visitor Program.

We thank Wolfgang Lück for his great engagement and are glad that he will remain with us as a mathematician with a strong research background. He is succeeded by Martin Rumpf, another very committed and experienced colleague who has served on the HCM Board for many years. Numerous new challenges await him, including in particular the follow-up application within the Excellence Strategy, but also the implementation of many new ideas, for example with regard to an even greater internationalization of PhD training. We wish Martin Rumpf much pleasure and and success in this new challenge and Wolfgang Lück a somewhat more relaxed time with even more time for mathematics - and of course for the family!