Panorama Conference: Videos and Interviews

Bonn, 26.10.2023. Three weeks ago, our conference "Panorama of Mathematics II" took place. In total, more than 300 participants informed themselves in a relaxed and constructive atmosphere about the different mathematical subfields, across all borders. New trends, results, and challenges in the mathematical sciences were outlined, with internationally distinguished mathematicians, including several Fields Medalists.

In the following mood video you get a very good impression of the event:

In the meantime, most of the talk recordings have been edited and published on our YouTube channel. The easiest way to access the videos is via our conference page:

Conference page with video recordings

Between the talks we did a few video interviews with the distinguished speakers. Two of these interviews have already been edited and published, the other two are still to come. Here's the playlist:

Playlist of interviews with the speakers

The Panorama Conference is almost unique in the world in its manner. But it is more important than ever to better connect the mathematical subfields and to get an overview of the Panorama of Mathematics. We hope that everyone enjoyed these three fascinating days and that we can repeat a conference of this kind in a few years.