Public Relations during Corona Times

Our Hausdorff Center’s work in public relations mostly interacts through various events: public lectures, the mathematical salon, the participation in big city events such as the “science tent“ (Wissenschaftszelt) and primarily the numerous offers for pupils. Especially for the Beethoven year we had prepared an extra exciting additional program. Sadly, we had to cancel some events - until the end of June - because of the corona crisis and we cannot eliminate the possibility that those will remain the only cancelations.We still want to entertain you with exciting mathematics during these difficult times and have therefore extended our portfolio by a digital offer:

Matthias Kreck would like to accompany you through a video series „Mathematics for everyone - during corona times“ („Mathematik für alle - in Zeiten von Corona“). He is an emeritus professor at the Mathematical Institute of the University of Bonn and founding director of our Hausdorff Research Institute for Mathematics (HIM). He is furthermore an active senior professor at the University of Frankfurt. In 2010 he was awarded the George-Cantor-Medal. In his entertaining series he will show that proofs are no wizardry. Laymen can also understand mathematical proofs and with a bit of practice even proof something themselves. Come and join us in enjoying this delightful series and let yourself „be formed a bit into a mathematician“. Here is the link to his video series.

Since many years Thoralf Räsch has been actively engaged in the Bonn mathematics work in public relations and with pupils. He has visited many schools and has held various enjoyable lectures and slams for the public. He uses the "Corona time" to establish new (video) formats which are particularly, but not exclusively made for pupils and students. With this he conveys entertainingly and in small portions topics concerning logic. In the upcoming lecture time he would like to continue with this format. You can find his series “Three minutes fun with logic & Co“ („Drei Minuten Spaß mit Logik & Co“) here.

The Bonn Math Circle (Bonner Matheclub) for children and adolescents is as well back on again - via video conference. The University of Bonn reports about it in detail in its series „sign of life“ (Lebenszeichen).