Matthias Kreck


On this page, we collect papers concerning stratifolds, one of the many concepts of stratified spaces.

Matthias Kreck: Differential Algebraic Topology
Anna Grinberg: Resolution of Stratifolds and Connection to Mather’s Abstract Pre-Stratified Spaces
Augusto Minetta: Hirzebruch Homology
Christian-Oliver Ewald: Hochschild Homology and De Rham Cohomology of Stratifolds

An example for a stratifold: The suspension of the torus. This is a 3-dimensional stratifold with two isolated singularities.

Sliced view. Every slice is diffeomorphic to the 2-dimensional torus, except for the north and south pole.

The suspension of the torus can be built from the solid octahedron by identifying opposite 2-faces (e.g. the two yellow ones) according to the coloured arrows.

Another example: This is a compact stratifold but cannot be parametrised.