Tea Time with Women in Mathematics

The "Tea Time with Women in Mathematics" is a series of events organized by the gender equality committee of the Mathematics department of Bonn. At the approximately three-hour events, women¹ - from students to professors - have the opportunity to network over a cup of tea. A wide variety of topics, such as studies and careers, but also life outside of the university, are discussed in face-to-face conversations.


Current Events

15.06.2023 – History of Women in Mathematics

Hybrid event

We invite all female1 mathematics and informatics students to a hybrid event on the 15th of June 2023 from 3 pm to 5 pm on the topic of "History of Women in Mathematics" in 0.107, b-it, Friedrich-Hirzebruch-Allee 6 (or online via zoom).

You will have the opportunity to listen to talks by Andrea Blunck and Sophie Huiberts. Afterwards you can connect with other women in STEM afterwards over a cup of tea (virtually or in real life). The talks will be held in English.

1All female, non-binary, intersexual and trans persons are invited.


Two to three events take place per semester. Depending on the target group, they are in German and / or English.

Each event has its own topic and format. Often, speakers are invited to give short presentations or answer questions in small groups and report on their experiences as women in mathematics or other STEM subjects.

Another important focus is bringing women at various study and career levels together. That is why during each event there are also segments in the schedule that encourage social exchange, such as ice-breaker games, speed-friending and conversations between participants in breakout sessions.

In order to be able to network outside of the events, participants will be invited to a "Tea Time" Discord server. There they can keep in touch with speakers and other participants and be informed about new events. At the "Tea Time", the needs of the participants should be addressed - suggestions and requests are therefore very welcome! You can contact the organisational team at any time via the email address teatime(at)hcm.uni-bonn.de.

¹All female, intersexual, non-binary, transgender and agender people who are interested are invited. The term „female“ is used here, but it extends to everyone invited.

Previous events:


21.04.2023 – Networking Event

You will have the opportunity to get into conversation and network with other women1 in maths over a cup of tea or coffee. We look forward to exciting conversations, stimulating discussions with you, and new women networks! 1All female, intersexual, non-binary, trans* and agender persons are invited.


13.01.2023 – Networking and Career Paths: From Master to PhD

You will have the opportunity to get into conversation with female1 PhD students from diverse areas of mathematics and to connect with other women1 in maths over a cup of tea. This event will be held in English.


27.10.2022 – In person Tea Time – Meet Your Profs

You will get the chance to talk to other participants, especially four new math professors about studying and researching mathematics. You don't have to registrate or stay the whole time, just come by for a nice cup of tea!


22.09.2022 – In person Tea Time for First-Semesters

Female Mathematics and Computer Science students are invited to network over a cup of tea and some cookies. You can discuss the transition from school to university with other students and talk about your general experiences. This event is mainly aimed at first-semesters, but students from higher semesters are welcome as well!


06.07.2022 – Online Lunchbreak with upstream

This joint event with upstream will allow you to meet and connect with your colleagues at Heidelberg University. In addition, Prof. Dr. Monika Sieverding of Heidelberg University will be presenting her latest research on Stress and Stressors among Graduate and Postgraduates students.


21.05.2022 – Getting into scientific research - Tea Time with Women in Mathematics and upstream

At this online event we will be talking about scientific research and how to start your career in STEM. Multiple speakers will talk about their experiences. We will be joined by upstream - the Network for Women* in STEM at HGS MathComp, so you can talk to many different mathematicians from Bonn and Heidelberg over a cup of tea.


29.04.2022 – In-person Tea Time

The first in-person Tea Time will take place in the Zeichensaal, Wegelerstr. 10. You will get the chance to talk to other participants about your experiences during your studies, your plans for the future, and everything ales that comes to your mind, whilst enjoying a nice cup of tea and some cookies. You dont't have to registrate, just come by!


15.01.2022 – Networking and Career Paths

An event for female mathematicians and compiuter scientists.

This third event gives you the opportunity to get in contact with women on diverse career paths in mathematics and computer science - for example with Prof. Franca Hoffmann and Prof. Anne Driemel.


04.12.2021 – Orange Tea Time: Against gender-specific discrimination in the STEM studies

An event for female students.

As part of the Orange Days, an event will take place at which Dr. Amma Yeboah will give a keynote speech on gender-specific obstacles in STEM studies and careers. Afterwards there are discussions in small groups and at the plenum and of course the opportunity to network with other women over a cup of tea.


30.10.2021 – Studying in Bonn

An event for female students, especially in the first semester.

At this event, the focus is on studying mathematics. We invited seven female students from different areas to talk about their experiences during their studies. This gives you the opportunity to exchange ideas and network with other women.


03.07.2021 – Networking and Career Paths

An event for female mathematicians.

New speakers are invited to the second event on the topic of careers. They share their own experiences and further career options. Two math professors, a doctoral student and an insurance employee are invited. Questions can be asked and networks can be created over a cup of tea or homemade iced tea.


09.06.2021 - Success Stories and Challenges Q&A

An event for female mathematicians from PhD onwards.

At this event, some speakers were invited to a Q&A session about their careers as mathematicians. In addition, possible formats are discussed that can create and strengthen networks between mathematicians at the University of Bonn.


08.05.2021 – Mental Health

An event for female students.

This event is about mental health of students, and especially during the pandemic. Problems are identified in small groups and potential solutions are discussed. Some of the topics are: impostor syndrome, work-life balance and studying online.


16.01.2021 - Networking and Career Paths

An event for female mathematicians.

Five speakers have been invited to the first “Tea Time with Women in Mathematics”. In small groups, the participants can ask them questions about their experiences in their studies and career. A master's student, a doctoral student and a post-doctoral student from the MPIM are invited to report on their academic career, as well as an employee each from DLR and a software company to talk about career options outside the university. There is also a networking section where you can get to know other women from the STEM area over a cup of tea.