Postdoctoral Positions

Hausdorff Postdocs find the perfect environment to further their academic career.

Female mathematician writing on a chalkboard.

The research

Postdoctoral research is an important step in a mathematician's career. It is vital that it takes place in an environment where a young scientist can find and enlarge his or her research profile by interaction and support from researchers working on adjacent topics. HCM's research areas can provide such an environment in almost every field of mathematics. The wide scope covered by our research areas can also provide inspiration from less obviously connected fields and is a hard requirement for research that bridges gaps between well beaten tracks.

The support

The highly productive environment in our research areas provides the basis for effective research. Furthermore, each postdoc works in close cooperation with one professor - his mentor. This combines the benefits of independent work with the possibility to seek advice and support whenever needed.

The position

The typical duration of a Hausdorff Postdoc position is two years, but may be extended by up to one year. The development of young researchers' capacities is paramount. There are many opportunities for Hausdorff Postdocs to participate in teaching on various levels, but there is no obligation to do so. It is intended to fill at least one third of the positions with women, and therefore, preference will be given to suitably qualified female candidates, all other considerations being equal. Women are strongly encouraged to apply.

Mentoring program

The mentoring program is a program for members of the HCM and run by members of the HCM. It is designed to help young researchers to develop profound teaching skills with the support of an experienced professor. The program is offered by the Hausdorff School for Advanced Studies in Mathematics, an innovative training program for postdoctoral researchers.

Mentoring program for postdocs based in Bonn