Prof. Dr. Geordie Williamson

E-mail: g.williamson(at)
Institute: Hausdorff Center for Mathematics - HCM
Research Area: Research Area A2

Academic Career

2004 - 2008

PhD in Pure Math. – Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg

2008 - 2011

Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford. Postdoctoral Research Fellow

2008 - 2011

St Peter’s College, University of Oxford. Junior Research Fellow

2011 - 2016

Max Planck Institute for Mathematics. Advanced Researcher (Research Professor)

2017 - Present

University of Sydney. Professor of Mathematics

2017 - 2022

Hausdorff Centre for Mathematics. Bonn Research Fellow

2018 - Present

University of Sydney Mathematical Research Institute. Director

Research Profile

Research Interests:

perverse sheaves and the decomposition theorem,

modular representation theory, particularly from a geometric perspective, torsion in cohomology,

weights (e.g. Frobenius action and Weil conjectures or Hodge theory) and especially their interactions with perverse sheaves,

Soergel bimodules, their Hodge theory and relations to representation theory,

combinatorial models for perverse sheaves (e.g. Soergel bimodules, moment graphs, "intersection cohomology" of polytopes etc.),

algebra that looks geometric (e.g. the coinvariant algebra of H3),

categorification, diagrammatic algebra, "generators and relations",

higher categories (usually stopping at 2 or 3!), especially monoidal categories and their module categories,

Kazhdan-Lusztig theory and its modular versions (p-canonical basis etc.)

braid group actions and link homology,

microlocal approaches to perverse sheaves, characteristic cycles.


Annales scientifiques de l’ÉNS (2017 - 2022)
Crelle (2018-2023)
Manuscripta Mathematica (2017)


2005 - 2007

Eleanor Sophia-Wood Travelling Scholarship – University of Freiburg, (awarded by the University of Sydney)


''One case of very good wine'' – a 2009 bet with P. Fiebig on Lusztig’s conjecture


Chevalley Prize of the American Mathematical Society –


European Mathematical Society Prize


Clay Research Award


2017 New Horizons in Mathematics Prize – (with Ben Elias)


Fellow of the Australian Academy of Sciences


Fellow of the Royal Society


Australian Mathematical Society Medal


Christopher Heyde Medal, Australian Academy of Science –


Distinguished Visiting Professor,Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton

Selected Invited Lectures


Plenary Speaker – International Congress of Mathematicians, Rio

Selected PhD students

Thorge Jensen (2018)
Leonardo Patimo (2018)
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