Prof. Dr. Florian Brandl

E-mail: florian.brandl(at)
Phone: +49 228 73 6192
  • Department for Economics
  • Institute for Microeconomics
  • Lennéstr. 37
Institute: Hausdorff Center for Mathematics - HCM
Department for Economics, Institute for Microeconomics
Research Area: Research Area C2

Academic Career

2013 - 2018

Ph.D. Student, Department of Mathematics, Technical University of Munich

2019 - 2020

Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Department of Economics, Stanford University

2020 - 2021

Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Department of Economics, Princeton University

Since 2021

Bonn Junior Fellow, Hausdorff Center for Mathematics and Associate Professor (with tenure), Institute for Microeconomics, University of Bonn

Research Profile

I work on problems in various areas of microeconomic theory, such as social choice theory, decision theory, and game theory. I am particularly interested in individual and collective decision-making under risk and uncertainty. My work frequently relies on the axiomatic method. That is, one identifies axioms that a system (e.g., a mechanism for making collective decisions) should satisfy and studies their implications (e.g., a particular structure of the mechanism). Multiple areas of mathematics, including convex analysis and linear functional analysis, probability and stochastic processes, linear programming, and complexity theory, have proven useful.

Research Projects and Activities

2019 - 2021: DFG Research Fellowship, ''Aggregating Preferences over Lotteries in the Absence of Expected Utility''

Short-Term Research Visits:

2018 Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford (Host: Edith Elkind)

2016 Department of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University (Host: Ariel

2016 Department of Economics, Yale University (Host: Dirk Bergemann
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