Prof. Dr. Lena Janys


E-mail: ljanys(at)
Phone: +49 228 73 9183
Institute: Department of Economics
Research Area: Research Area B2

Academic Career

2001 - 2007

Msc Economics/Dipl. Vw. Department of Business and Economics Humboldt University Berlin, Specialization: Statistics, Econometrics Master

2004 - 2005

Visting Student (9/2004 - 2/2005), Charles University Prague, Czech Republic

2007 - 2011

PhD in Economics (7/2007 - 1/2011), Aarhus School of Business, Aarhus University, Department of Economics

2008 - 2009

Visiting PhD Student (9/2008 - 2/2009), TIER Group at the Amsterdam School of Economics, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Research Assistant (Forskningsassistent, 7/2010 - 9/2010), Danish National Institute for Social Research (SFI), Copenhagen, Denmark

2010 - 2014

Postdoc, Alexander von Humboldt Chair in Econometrics and Empirical Economics, University of Mannheim (Member of the DFG Research Group Statistical Regularization)

2014 - 2015
and 2017

Parental Leave (9/2014 - 9/2015 and 2/2017 - 5/2017)

Since 2015

Assistant Professor in Econometrics (Tenure Track), University of Bonn

Research Profile

Lena Janys is an Econometrician, focusing on theoretical and applied Microeconometrics, especially for applications in health economics. Her work is both within non- and semiparametric duration models [1] and bandwidth selection [2], and in testing for treatment effects in the case of multiple outcomes/subgroup analysis using the group-sparse Lasso. Additionally, she works on applying state-of-the-art methods to correctly estimate the impact of health behaviours on mortality.

Her future research plans include further development of semiparametric duration models [1] by including unobserved heterogeneity and accounting for familial dependence in the form of shared and correlated frailties. In the area of treatment effects for multiple outcomes, she plans to focus on practical strategies for inference on the post- model selection samples. This is especially important for applied researchers who are interested in the coefficient size and standard errors and are not satisfied with merely selecting those outcomes for which the treatment is significant.

Selected Publications

[1] Gerard J Van Den Berg, Lena Janys, Enno Mammen, Jens Perch Nielsen
A general semiparametric approach to inference with marker-dependent hazard rate models
[2] Mar\'\ia Luz Gámiz Pérez, Lena Janys, Mar\'\ia Dolores Mart\'\inez Miranda, Jens Perch Nielsen
Bandwidth selection in marker dependent kernel hazard estimation
Comput. Statist. Data Anal. , 68: : 155--169
DOI: 10.1016/j.csda.2013.06.010

Publication List

Selected Invited Lectures


Applied Economics and Econometrics Seminar University of Mannheim, Econometrics Seminar at SFI Copenhagen


Econometrics Seminar at SFI Copenhagen, Stockholm School of Economics Lunch Seminar, Uppsala University Labor Seminar


Young German Microeconomists Workshop (invited session)


International Society For Non-parametric Statistics (invited session)


Department Seminar at Université de Fribourg

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