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This is a collection of interesting information about the Hausdorff Center for Mathematics.

The Hausdorff Center for Mathematics (HCM) is a cluster of excellence at the University of Bonn. It is characterized by a broad thematic map, which reflects the distinctive mathematical competencies in Bonn. Scientists from Germany and abroad are investigating numerous topics of traditional mathematics and mathematical economy at HCM. Scientists of HCM provide the mathematical foundations of quantum physics, develop models for economic mechanisms, and enhance our understanding of the processes at the macroscopic level. The results of research at HCM are for example implemented into the industrial design of computer chips or improve medical diagnosis instruments. HCM applies highest international standards to the training of young academics and supports early scientific independence actively through grants. The cluster was founded in 2006 and has been granted a second funding in 2012.

Hausdorff Center Flyer

Here you can find general information about the Hausdorff Center in our flyer (in German).

Felix Hausdorff

Our cluster of excellence was named after the famous mathematician Felix Hausdorff, who worked at the University of Bonn from 1921 to 1935. Find his biography here.

Mathematics in Bonn

Bonn has a long scientific tradition in mathematics, representing all major areas of the discipline. It occupies a leading position in national and international rankings for mathematical research and teaching. Take a look at the fascinating history of mathematics in Bonn and find out more about the departments and institutes of HCM.