Research at HCM takes place on many different levels.

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Research Areas

The participating institutes provide the foundation for the research activities of the Hausdorff Center. With the advent of HCM, this research has been channeled into ten research areas. Each of them brings researchers from different institutes together to jointly advance knowledge in these fields.

For detailed information on the research topics, please visit the individual pages of our research areas.



The activities of the Hausdorff Research Insitute for Mathematics put forward mathematical research by bringing together internationally leading mathematicians to work on specialized topics. Similar programs are organized for young, upcoming researchers to advance mathematical prodigy. For more information, please see HIM's dedicated webpages.


Graduate studies at the Bonn International Graduate School in Mathematics have a strong orientation towards research. PhD students are valuable members of their respective research areas. For more information, please see BIGS' webpage.


The Hausdorff School for Advanced Studies in Mathematics offers further training opportunities for postdoctoral researchers based in Germany and worldwide. For more information, please see the webpage of HSM.